Sean Scully


Each student was given the name of an artist and the task to design a book with various information on the life of the artist and their work while also representing the artist in the layout of the book.

Display of the light gray hardcover book that has a sean scully art piece on it

Design thinking

The artist I had to represent for this project was actually a duo of two very different artists that came together to create a very weirdly interesting piece. After trying to represent the song by using metal and very soft material (which is what the song “felt like” to me) I decided to scan a very colored painted exploration that had been done in class.

One spread of the book containing the biography, inspiration and the sublime. A quote is also at the bottom of the right page


The pattern that was then created perfectly represented the song Night MXCMPV1 P74 – Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois, calm yet very industrial and broken. The text was then added to complete the design of the poster and then also created an interesting pattern of a Totem.

open book at the same spread ( biography, inspiration and the sublime)
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