Divine Essence


This project’s goal was to redesign the packaging of natural medicinal products of a brand. Each season had different products that were associated with the health issues common during that time of the year.

Divine essence packaging on 2 differetn bottle. One bottle is a dropper and the other one is a spray bottle

Design thinking

At first, we had to study the company and the products that they sell, their values, the current packaging they have and get to know the company a bit more overall. We then had to pick a season on which products were associated and then we were given natural medicinal products that we had to put in new containers and redesign the packaging. I chose to redesign the packaging of the company Divine Essence, and to do so for their winter line of products.

display of the packaging labels, front and back


For the colors I went with very toned down grey-ish blues to represent winter and ice as much as possible while staying away from the traditional red and white of Christmas and the pure blue that might be used for ice and snowflakes. The pattern on the bottles was inspired by snowy mountains and fog as I felt it represented winter very well. A picture of ice was integrated in the design to add texture to the front.

Whole divine essence kit repackaged on a matching background
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