Venetian Snare
Daniel Lanois


This poster was created while listening to a creation of Venetian Snare and Daniel Lanois, two very different artists that produced an album that brings us to another world, another dimension. Each student was provided with a different artist and we had to listen to songs all class and do research on the artist we received to get to know their style as much as possible. Then, we would pick a song and play with different mediums, experiment with paint, 3D, digital representation and scans. While experimenting we would keep listening to the song on repeat to really represent it the best way possible.

Venetian Snare x Daniel Lanois poster . multicolor background with black type

Design thinking

The artist I had to represent for this project was actually a duo of two very different artists that came together to create a very weirdly interesting piece. After trying to represent the song by using metal and very soft material (which is what the song “felt like” to me) I decided to scan a very colored painted exploration that had been done in class.

Venetian snare x Daniel Lanois poster leaning on a cement wall


The pattern that was then created perfectly represented the song Night MXCMPV1 P74 – Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois, calm yet very industrial and broken. The text was then added to complete the design of the poster and then also created an interesting pattern of a Totem.

The venetian snare is repeated multiple times on a white background and one poster is elevated by a red box
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Laurianebeliveau 2021